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Buy Used, Refurbished, or New Truck Cap?

Which is the best option ... buying a Used, Refurbished, or New camper shell or topper for my pickup truck?

Advantages to Buying a New Truck Cap

  • A new truck cap is custom fit for your truck
  • Color pigmentation in the paintwork does invariably fade over time, and therefore a new truck cap will definitely have a better appearance than a used one. Unfortunately, the gel coat used during construction of a standard white truck cap shell, does yellow over time - looking less appealing
  • New truck caps carry a full warranty
  • New truck caps retain a relatively good resale value, especially if maintained in a good condition

Advantages to Buying a Used Truck Cap

  • Used ("as-is") truck caps sell for up to 50% of the retail price of a new truck cap, so buying a used camper shell is a considerably less expensive option
  • The cost of color matching (spray painting) a used truck cap shell is considerably less expensive

Advantages to Buying a Refurbished Truck Cap

  • Most secondhand truck cap dealers will sell you a fully refurbished truck cap with new rubbers, fittings, and a new coat of paint (if not color matched to your truck). Refurbishments are generally only done once the truck cap is sold because it depends on what color is required
  • Refurbished truck caps sell for roughly 66% of the retail price of a new truck cap
  • Many dealers that sell refurbished truck caps provide a limited one year warranty